….or not. XD

I’ve just been so busy. 🙂 I have been adding lots of photos to my Facebook for those lucky ones who have me there…..for those who DON’T, I found this new site that will help me make money by just sharing my photos. 😀 So, I am going to upload many of my pictures there as well. So, if your interested in seeing my adventures and want to help a poor exchange student, PLEASE check it out? :3


…I MIGHT try to update this more. XD

Nähdään!~ Jodi


Hello, Finland!!

Well, I’m finally here. It’s still seems so surreal!!

I flew from the Saskatoon International Airport at 11:05am August 4 to Calgary, then to Amsterdam and finally to Helsinki-Vaanta airport. There, a Rotarian named Hannu got us, and led us to this large charter bus, where I along with many other exchange students came to Karkku Orientation Camp near Sastamaala.

On the way here, I slept a little bit on the flight to Amsterdam (Calgary to Amsterdam took 9 hours!!), most of the way to Helsinki, and then a lot on the bus to Karkku.

Time change is very confusing… right now, in Finland, it is 7:30pm, but back home it is 10:35am! It will be interesting to contact friends, family, and other loved  ones back home.

…I hope I don’t go on the computer TOO much…..that sounds horrible, but I need to enjoy myself here, and not be obsessed with those back at home.

Now, to learn ALL the finish!!

…and hello to a new opportunity.

I’m just about to leave my home of 18 years… leave behind all my friends, my family, my belonging, my pets… everything that I’ve ever known.

I’m going to miss everyone so much… I’ve already cried about a gallon. XD
BUT, this is a new opportunity. 🙂 When one door closes, another opens, with a million better opportunities. And the first door has a window in it… so I can keep in touch til I return.

So, I will shortly be leaving to Saskatoon, then at 11:00am, approximately, I fly to Calgary, then to Amsterdam (9 hour flight! D:) and finally to Helsinki, where I will be picked up by a Rotarian and taken to the Karkku Orientation camp for a week.
Then it will be time to meet my lovely host family, counselor, and meet my new town for the next year. 🙂

Next post will hopefully be from Finland!! 😀

I’M GOING TO LEMPÄÄLÄ IN DISTRICT 1390!!! 😀 It is south of Tampere.

Lempäälä’s Official Site (In English)

I will be going to school at Lempäälä Lukio (Apparently, it’s nickname is LeLu).
My first host family (As far as I know) has a mom (Anne), Dad (Juha) and a daughter my age (Viivi). It’s really weird, ’cause my real mom’s name is Anne! XD

A: Where my first host family lives
B: Where I will be going to school (LeLu)

Ahh… everything feels so much more real now that I know all this. ❤ Now to learn Finnish!!


~Jodi McLaughlin~


So… I’ve recently (recently being around Easter… I’m very good at tracking people down on Facebook) figured out their is another guy from my district who is also going on a long-term exchange to Finland next year!! Whooo!

So, apparently today he got an email saying where he’s going.

And I’m like, “YES!!!” and I run to check my email, thinking if he got his city placement, I must have too!


So now every few minutes I’m running to my email to see if I have a new one from our outbound coordinator, telling me where I’m going, and all I get is

“You don’t have any unread messages: Wow, you’ve got a very clean inbox! (Did you know you can receive messages from other email accounts?)”

Yes, hotmail. I know I can get messages from other accounts, thank you. You don’t need to mock me and my lack of messages. 😦


Same message.


In other news, I’m accepted into the Business Administration program at the University of Regina! Yay! So after Finland, it’s uni for me! The good thing about applying and being accepted BEFORE my exchange is that I don’t have to worry about applying abroad! HAHA! I will, however, still apply for residence, or wherever else I will live will I attend there…

And guess why I’m updating my blog? ….do you have an answer yet? …you’re right! I AM procrastinating something! …but what? Nope, not homework this time (although I do have some), but rather scholarship applications! Free money for 2013! Yay! The applications are due tomorrow… so I should probably get back onto that. If there’s anything else I’m better at than stalking, it’s procrastinating! 😉

Back to the fry of scholarship applications!!

~Jodi McLaughlin~


IT HAS BEGUN! …that was quick, eh? I guess I just needed to know for sure that I was going before ALL the emotions set in.

Sometimes I think, what the hell have I gotten myself into?! Finnish is a hard language! Right up there with Russian and Icelandic*!!
…but it will be so much fun. And who knows, after a while Finnish might be somewhat easy (like Chinese and Japanese…. weird… I know), or maybe I’ll be really good at it (like French)! God, I love being multi-lingual**. 🙂

Anyways, I was hanging out with my friend who is going to Spain over Easter Break, and I realized how much I am going to miss her… She’s gone for just 10 days… I’m gone for like 10 months!!
I’m thinking I’m not going to be in contact with people back here in Canada for the first month or so of my exchange…. I’ll probably still email people (maybe…), and I’ll probably update my blog still!!

Anyways, all in all, I’m afraid, but EXCITED!


* – I don’t actually know any Icelandic… it just looks really scary.
** – When I say “multi-lingual”, I mean I know random phrases in random languages.


I FINALLY got a message from my outbound coordinator; Finland has accepted my application!!


Now I can throw-out all this scholarship and university stuff!! …well… not quite, but I can put it on the back burner. 🙂

I still don’t know what part of Finland I will go to (the district), or anything else yet… buuuut…. better than yesterday, hey?

Bad thing is… I can’t go on the band trip anymore. I curse the fact that the orientation in Russel, MB is the same weekend as the Seattle trip (April 27-29). But I will have more fun there! I don’t really like most of the people in my band (if you are in my band, I’ll SAY I like you… if you’re reading this I assume I would like you), and the other exchange students seem like they would be my kind of people.

Well, now to wait for my acceptance packet to get back here, so I can learn about EVERYTHING. And the Russel orientation, so I can learn stuff and get my BEAUTIFUL Rotary jacket!! ❤

WHEEE!!! JE SUIS EXCITE!!! (My French is probably beautiful *sarcasm*, but luckily I don’t need it to be! BECAUSE I’M GOING TO FREAKIN’ FINLAND!!!)